Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 2011 Left or Right Brained Horoscopes

Right Brained:

Aries: Look Left, Look Right, Look Down, Look Up!

Taurus: What do you want me to say? I really don't care...

Gemini: Keep ya Eyez on tha Pryeyz

Cancer: Don't lift anything too heavy, seriously.

Leo: Tuna Cans Make Excellent Ashtrays :)

Virgo: Perfect Form, Lazy Reflexes.

Libra: Light the flame, but don't forget to put it out later.

Scorpio: Excuse me your majesty, i'm all tied up!

Sagittarius: Five things, twitch twitch twitch twitch 5

Capricorn: You're only what they make of you.

Aquarius: Living in a zoo is almost impossible!

Pisces: The population of tuna is down 75%, man up.

Left Brained:

Aries: Let's just do this!!!!!

Taurus: Breakdown :) Go Ahead and Do It... It's alright.

Gemini: You make me feel like I love music again.

Cancer: You should watch for things carefully this month.

Leo: There was a girl, she said she cared about you. There still is.

Virgo: Watch out for the sun and the moon, they're trouble

Libra: Locked and Loaded

Scorpio: These take a lot longer to write then you would think.

Sagittarius: Anything of a means to make you cool will only lead to ending up as you being cool.

Capricorn: Leave the lessons behind and you're only problem is the popcorn.

Aquarius: Hippies only eat cheese when it doesn't come from an animal.

Pisces: Left alone you will only do great things.

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