Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 2011 Left or Right Brained Horoscopes

Right Brained:

Aries: Look Left, Look Right, Look Down, Look Up!

Taurus: What do you want me to say? I really don't care...

Gemini: Keep ya Eyez on tha Pryeyz

Cancer: Don't lift anything too heavy, seriously.

Leo: Tuna Cans Make Excellent Ashtrays :)

Virgo: Perfect Form, Lazy Reflexes.

Libra: Light the flame, but don't forget to put it out later.

Scorpio: Excuse me your majesty, i'm all tied up!

Sagittarius: Five things, twitch twitch twitch twitch 5

Capricorn: You're only what they make of you.

Aquarius: Living in a zoo is almost impossible!

Pisces: The population of tuna is down 75%, man up.

Left Brained:

Aries: Let's just do this!!!!!

Taurus: Breakdown :) Go Ahead and Do It... It's alright.

Gemini: You make me feel like I love music again.

Cancer: You should watch for things carefully this month.

Leo: There was a girl, she said she cared about you. There still is.

Virgo: Watch out for the sun and the moon, they're trouble

Libra: Locked and Loaded

Scorpio: These take a lot longer to write then you would think.

Sagittarius: Anything of a means to make you cool will only lead to ending up as you being cool.

Capricorn: Leave the lessons behind and you're only problem is the popcorn.

Aquarius: Hippies only eat cheese when it doesn't come from an animal.

Pisces: Left alone you will only do great things.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Are you Left or Right Brained?

Left Brained? or Right Brained?

When you bring up a thought in your mind, or aim to feel your own approach through a new scenario, will you normally observe pictures and also shades? or do you think in terms and quantities? Right brained folks normally think in hues and pictures although left brained individuals are likely to think in phrases. This might clarify precisely why left brained thinkers tend to be more skilled at algebra and right brained people tend to excel in geometry as well as shape based topics. Additionally, it isn't surprising that left brained thinkers could be much better mathemeticians generally whilst right brained thinkers tend to be improved at the arts and social sciences.

If you sense that you are making an essential choice in your life, should you often rely on feelings as well as gut instinct to help you committ to this you're most definitely a right brained thinker. If you're logical and proceed through the situation step-by-step then you're a left brained thinker. If you'd prefer to listen to music while making these types of challenging choices and you also discover it can help you concentrate than once more you're a right brained individual as left brained folks tend to favor silence when they think. Take into account that these are typically just about all generalizations and you ought to in no way let the very fact of whether or not you happen to be left or right brained stop you from performing a thing that you want to do!

If you are a multitasker, or even would rather tackle many tasks all simultaneously you most likely fall under the right brained group if you would rather focus on a single activity and achieve it really proficiently as well as correctly than then you really are a left brained thinker. In the event one of your main motives you like to multi-task and also handle a variety of initiatives is because you may need a whole lot of work to focus and stop you from day dreaming than it’s likely excellent you fall under the right brained category. Left brainers have a tendency never to be as ingenious are thought of less as day dreamers.

If perhaps right this moment you're resting at a desk that really is complete wreck than chances are you certainly are a right brained person. Left brained individuals will be more sorted out and also prefer a space which is cleaner and easier to work around. In the same manner should you prefer to be cautious and don't normally search for a lot of risks than you may well be left brained because right brained individuals are inclined to adore risks and also different situations. If right after taking those risks there is no way that you can go back home and maintain eating exactly the same food evening following night then you certainly drop inside the right brained category as well. Left brained people are likely to adore ritual and regimen and eating a ham sandwhich each day for lunch almost certainly would not bother them at all.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Left or Right Brained | Who makes more money?

Is there any correlation between who makes more money between left or right brained thinkers?

Most studies suggest that there isn't any difference in average incomes between left and right brained individuals. The reason this is is because both are adapted to different industries that make roughly the same amount of income.

Obviously left brained people could be more adept at financial industries and have an opportunity to make large sums of money but even then the competition is so fierce that it doesnt give them an advantage over right brained individuals.

Similarly right-brained individuals can make loads of money in the realm of internet marketing and advertising but the competition in these niches from other right-brained individuals does not give them an advantage over their left-brained counterparts!

In our next post we will discuss some jobs that are suited to either left or right brained individuals! Cheers!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Left Or Right Brained Horoscope July 2010

Right Brained:

Aries: Try not to be so pretty all the time, you're making the rest of us masturbate.

Taurus: If you spent less time reading stupid shit you'd probably spend more time watching stupid shit.

Gemini: Try to concentrate on not sucking so hard this month, if you can.

Cancer: Coughing and Sneezing ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!

Leo: Try to sleep off the majority of your hangovers this month, it's good for the heart and the liver.

Virgo: My own feelings on the matter of your horoscope are too frightening to say.

Libra: Crumbly bricks always lead to poor results in an earthquake.

Scorpio: Lots of eggheads don't like potato salad!

Sagittarius: Running is a great way to stay in shape, but the real secret is that you must only do it between the hours of 10:30 and 11:30. Am or Pm you ask? wouldn't you like to know....

Capricorn: Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

Aquarius: Wendys? McDonalds? Wendys? McDonalds? Wendys? McDonalds? Wendys? McDonalds?

Pisces: lost in space? don't worry this month you'll meet Major Tom

Left Brained:

Aries: You better jump through as many hoops as your doughnuts will allow this month!

Taurus: Don't get caught in the crossfire, many things are worth dying for but thats not one!

Gemini: Say hi to your mom, she misses you

Cancer: If something seems like it tastes like cake, then you should spit it out immediately!

Leo: It's all good man! Things will be great for you this July!!!

Virgo: If you can't duck the shit, chicken it!

Libra: This month could be very dangerous, make sure that you wear protection! hard hats, helmets, you know...

Scorpio: Rock and roll, ain't noise pollution. Remember that...

Sagittarius: If ya get hit, with a bucket of shit, be sure to close your eyes!

Capricorn: That monkey won't dance, no matter how hard you punch it. Better buy a cat.

Aquarius: It's a good month for you to invest in anything that you think of, everything will go great as long as you spend LARGE sums of money on the first thing that pops into your head, but not your heart!

Pisces: Listen to more Eddie Van Halen, if your thinkin it, do it, might as well jump!

Check out this right brained article!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Spinning Lady Brain Test Scam?

By now you have probably all seen the right brain vs. left brain spinning lady brain test.

Many people believe it is a scam and that the lady actually changes direction about every 30 seconds or so.

There are a few problems with this:

First of all, it's an animated gif, so if this were the case it would be very obvious and time-able.

Secondly I have tried it with many people where they see the lady spinning in the complete opposite direction as myself at the exact same time.

Whatever you think, check it out because it's pretty cool!

Note: I couldn't get the stupid animated gif to work on blogger so here is a link to the youtube video (which I know is against my argument above). Do some searching around on google and you can find the video as well!

Some Cool Videos

Here are some cool videos about lefty righty brainy:

What does it mean to be Whole Brained?

Do you use your Whole Brain?

What does that even mean?

Whole Brain is a buzz word that refers mainly to whole brain teaching, it is a manner of teaching that incorporates using various techniques that will stimulate both sides of the brain in an effort to increase ones ability to absorb a certain task or teaching material.

While most of the reading you will find on the internet about left and right brained individuals, it is my opinion that most of us have more ability to be whole brained than we think.

I find that while there is definitely some truth to the left brained whole brained theory most of us can easily find examples from both camps that are applicable to our daily lives. Therefore it can be very hard to say I am "Right Brained" or I am "Left Brained" and are probably more whole brained than we realize.