Monday, July 5, 2010

Left or Right Brained | Who makes more money?

Is there any correlation between who makes more money between left or right brained thinkers?

Most studies suggest that there isn't any difference in average incomes between left and right brained individuals. The reason this is is because both are adapted to different industries that make roughly the same amount of income.

Obviously left brained people could be more adept at financial industries and have an opportunity to make large sums of money but even then the competition is so fierce that it doesnt give them an advantage over right brained individuals.

Similarly right-brained individuals can make loads of money in the realm of internet marketing and advertising but the competition in these niches from other right-brained individuals does not give them an advantage over their left-brained counterparts!

In our next post we will discuss some jobs that are suited to either left or right brained individuals! Cheers!

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